Monday, 16 January 2012

Prisoners of Conscience by Jane Lemon

'Prisoners of Conscience' by Jane Lemon

Some artists are a particular joy to  interview; so clear headed in their creative intent, so generous in sharing their techniques and thought processes. Jane Lemon definitely comes into this category. I first interviewed her a few years ago, for a general piece about her career. This interview was for a tightly focussed piece on her series of banners marking 50 years of Amnesty International.

I have been fortunate enough to have seen these today at Salisbury Cathedral in the Morning Chapel. I urge you to go as this setting is perfect for them and they are beautifully illuminated and complemented by the Amnesty Candle in a heavy, iron surround of barbed wire. Afterwards, the banners will be on display at Portsmouth Cathedral. Go see.


  1. I have just read your article about Jane Lemon's 'Prisoner of Conscience' in 'Stitch' magazine. The article was excellent, thank you. I live in Australia and it is almost 40 years since I visited Salisbury Cathedral so I found it difficult to place the piece in that context, but the piece itself is so powerful that it doesn't matter. I would like to see more photographs of it and sadly the ones I have located so far, courtesy of Mr Google, are not really large or detailed enough. Do you know of a source for them please?

    Thanks again for writing about such an important piece of work. If you have contact with Ms Lemon would it be possible for you to pass my congratulations and best wished on to her please?


    1. Thanks Chris. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece. The pictures were sourced by Stitch magazine. I don't have originals available I'm afraid. Jane did contact me on publication to say she was pleased with the piece and had received good feedback since it went to press. I was very relieved! Quite a heightened sense of responsibility when writing about such an important piece, produced by, to my mind, a true doyenne of the embroidery world. More great work to come from Jane I'm sure. And encouraging in her refusal to let mere illness defeat her will!