Monday, 14 May 2012

Faerie Frocks

I was fortunate enough to have attended one of Annette Emms' wonderful workshops a while back with my daughter. We shared a magical day making fairy shoes. Frankly, if there's a better way to spend quality time together, let me know and I'll sign up because this was both fabulous and affordable.
Here's a gorgeous piece of work from this master storyteller; both as a speaker and in stitch. A generous, tutor who manages to combine the prosaic with the poetic, anyone attending Annette's class will come home buzzing with myths and methods in equal measure. A must for your 'workshops to-do' list.


  1. Hi Deena, what can I say? I'm blushing here at such high praise. . .
    It was lovely to meet you again , I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Marlborough EG.
    Good luck with your fledgling blog!

    1. HOORAH ! Technology and fairy dust working in perfect alignment!! Our blogs have found each other!!You are welcome to each well deserved crumb of praise; the first I'm sure of many such praise songs to be sung. It is rare to find someone so generous in passing on not only their experiences, information and skills; but with such a talent for bringing these to life with a lyricism which does not delve into the irritatingly twee and trite. As a fellow romantic, teller of tales and seeker out of unsung songs from the past; I applaud and enjoy all that you do and are. I shall continue to follow your work with much personal enjoyment and look forward to sharing other workshops with you. Come back soon !! And may the angels be ever at your shoulder; for seeking out parking spaces and matters less prosaic too. xx